HVAC System Maintenance 77070


HVAC System Maintenance 77070: The Best Thermostat Setting for Summer 

It’s summertime, summertime, sum, sum summertime. It is time for grilling or smoking great meals, hitting the pool or beach, and hopefully time for a well-deserved vacation. The suitcases are packed, the car loaded, and everyone is buckled in, but what should you do with the air conditioning while you are away? Here are a few HVAC System Maintenance 77070 tips to remember.

Leaving without changing the temperature setting is wasteful

While the house is occupied, the cost of air conditioning is well worth it because of its comfort and health benefits. But there is no reason to cool the house as if occupied while the house is empty. Raising the temperature in the home will:

  • Save money on the utility bill. US Department of Energy research concluded that raising the temperature by 5 to 8 degrees for more than eight hours will change the utility bill by about 10%. That is enough research to acknowledge the benefits of raising the temperature setting while on vacation.
  • If raising the setting reduces one cooling cycle per hour, that means it reduces the wear-n-tear by about 170 in one week. Reducing air conditioning use can contribute to a longer useful life and fewer repairs.
  • Leaving the temperature at a lower setting does not help the environment. But raising the temperature setting is an environmentally conscious decision.

Turning the air conditioner off while away is not wise either

Sure, the house is empty, but the air conditioner performs more functions than just cooling. These functions need to continue even while the house is empty.

  • Air conditioners remove humidity from the air, a very important function. Excess humidity will find a surface to stick to and that spells trouble. It will lead to mold and mildew blooms. These infestations smell bad, are unhealthy, and are very hard to eliminate. Excess moisture will also chemically bond with painted or stained surfaces. At a minimum, this makes the surfaces sticky until the moisture is removed. Excess moisture can also cause finishes to lose cohesion and peel away.
  • Air conditioning moves and cleans the air, keeping it fresh and healthy. Turning the air conditioner off will for extended periods will leave the indoor air still, stale, and unhealthy. Running the air conditioner ensures the air mixes and moves properly for healthy indoor air quality.

Is there a proper temperature setting while the house is unoccupied?

People feel comfortable when the indoor relative humidity stays between 40 and 60%. This prevents mold and mildew growth and protects surfaces. How high can the thermostat be set and still maintain the desired relative humidity? Setting the temperature at 78 to 80 degrees will remove sufficient humidity and move the air for freshness but still reduce the electric bill and save on system wear. If that is your typical temperature setting, do not raise it while you are away to keep your indoor space healthy.

Don’t forget pets that remain in the home while you are away.

Take advantage of scheduling software in thermostats. Most thermostats are programmable, but many homeowners do not take the time to learn to create schedules. This is a perfect time to read the handy-dandy instruction manual and learn a new skill. Better yet, if you own a Smart thermostat, the cellphone app that accompanies it will allow you to monitor the system while you are gone (should you get bored) and schedule a temperature change 30 minutes before your return from that fabulous vacation.

These HVAC System Maintenance 77070 tips can keep your HVAC system running efficiently and reduce excessive wear and tear.

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