Zone Control


HVAC Zone Control Systems in Houston, TX

In the extreme Texas heat, most homeowners would do whatever it takes to keep their home and family comfortable. This can be difficult because of fears of excessive utility bills and not really knowing what can be done. An HVAC Zone Control system may be the solution. Learning more about air conditioning zone control systems can reduce your home’s energy consumption.

What is HVAC Zone Control?

An HVAC Zone Control creates multiple zones in your home with each controlled by its own individual thermostat. Each room can be set to the desired temperature without heating or cooling the entire home to one set temperature. An HVAC Zone Control system gives you thise precise control, increases energy efficiency, and reduces thermostat wars between family members.

How does Zone Control work?

Step 1

The All Star A/C & Heating Services Zone Control experts will work with you to create the zones within your home. Once we create the desired number of zones based on your home size and room layout, we will install a thermostat in each zone. Each thermostat will control its own zone, and all are connected to one central control panel in your home.

Step 2

Our technicians will install zoning dampers which are valves that regulate ductwork airflow. These dampers open and close to control the airflow to each zone. When a zone needs to be heated or cooled, the damper will open to allow air to flow through to the specific zone. When the thermostat determines the set temperature has been reached, the dampers close to stopping the air flow.

As the temperature settings are changed on any one of the zone thermostats, the central control panel is notified. If you raise the temperature, the heating component is activated. If the temperature is lowered, your cooling component is activated. When the specific device is activated, the central control panel opens the ducts assigned to that zone to initiate the temperature change. The ducts for the other zones in the house remain closed.


HVAC Zone Control Services that All Star A/C & Heating Services Provides

Here is a list of the zone control services we offer.

Save Money with a Zone Control System

Updating your current HVAC system to a zone control system provides many benefits. Money savings is one of the biggest attractions of a zone control system. Not heating or cooling rooms that are not used can dramatically reduce your energy consumption. In addition to saving money, the reduced wear and tear on your HVAC system will help extend the lifespan of your system components. If you’re ready to talk about an HVAC zone control system, call All Star A/C & Heating today at 832-756-2801 and speak with one of our experts today. We guarantee to provide the peace of mind to know that All Star A/C & Heating will be prepared to get the job done right the first time.