Emergency AC Repair: What To Do When Your AC Fails

Emergency AC Repair 77070

What do you do during an Emergency AC Repair 77070 At this point in the season, an air conditioner breakdown will be accompanied by significant inconvenience and discomfort.  To make the situation worse, anticipate a wait for repairs, as the repair tech’s schedule is likely to be quite full. Developing a plan to prevent breakdowns […]

Springtime HVAC Maintenance 7 Step Checklist

HVAC Maintenance

7 Step Springtime HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Homeowners As spring approaches, you need to begin to think about your HVAC maintenance tasks prior to the looming summertime heat. It is no secret that the summer temperatures in the Houston area will make your air conditioning work hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. […]

AC Replacement Checklist – What You Need to Know

AC Replacement Checklist

Your New AC Replacement Checklist AC replacement can be a difficult and intimidating decision. No matter how comfortable you are with your current AC system, the AC replacement process can be very overwhelming. At All Star A/C & Heating Services, we provide a great checklist to help with your AC replacement decision making. SEER Rating […]